Lots of students have helped in the work to develop the Marine Academy Plymouth; they have worked on uniform, they have worked on policies and they have worked on what they want their Academy to be in this huge and vibrant city of Plymouth.

The students decided that they wanted to be the best. They didn’t want to be seen as sloppy or careless or as people who don’t achieve. Therefore, they voted for a smart and professional uniform because that’s how they want to be perceived – smart and professional. Now, if you or your parents have decided to enrol you at Marine Academy Plymouth (MAP) – that means you are going to be SMART, PROFESSIONAL and AN ACHIEVER. You must believe in yourself and you must believe in your Academy.

If you attend Marine Academy Plymouth, you have to be prepared to learn. Please read our Students' Guide (you can either read it online as a digital brochure or download it and print it out to keep). It will help you to understand what's expected of you and what you can expect from Marine Academy Plymouth.

Our aim at Marine Academy Plymouth is a very simple one:

To help you be the very best you can be...