At Marine Academy Plymouth we know that parents and carers are very important in ensuring that students enjoy a successful learning experience. The Academy, its staff, curriculum and extra activities are here to support you and your child, and by working together we can equip all of our students with the skills, attitude and knowledge to make the most of their futures.

How you can get involved

It generally goes without saying that taking an active interest in your child’s Academy work, be it coursework, homework or exam revision, makes a huge difference to their performance, but we’d also like you to take a wider interest, such as keeping an eye on their homework diaries to reinforce their success in work completed, merits awarded and sports matches played. Encouraging your children to understand the importance of being organised is vital. Checking your children’s homework is completed on time, or ensuring they pack their bags the night before are the sorts of actions that can help achieve this. It is essential that your child does not miss any of their time at Marine Academy Plymouth and taking holidays in term time can have a negative impact on their success. In the event of an essential absence or illness, please ensure that everything is done to ensure your child catches up on missed work. Marine Academy Plymouth staff are always happy to help in these circumstances – we really are here to ensure your child makes the most of their time with us.


Parental forum

Research shows that a close collaboration between parents/carers and school can make a positive difference to the educational outcomes of your child/children, so we encourage you to come along, have your say and get involved. We plan for the Forum to meet once every half term with senior members of staff at the Academy. It will provide an opportunity for parents/carers to offer feedback, raise concerns regarding Academy-wide issues, and learn about developments at the Academy.

The purposes of the Forum are as follows:

  •          To develop a partnership between Marine Academy and parents/carers in order to support and promote learning and teaching.
  •          To give parents/carers a voice and to provide a channel through which they may raise general issues with the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body.
  •          To provide a mechanism through which the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body may consult and inform parents/carers.

Please note the following:

  •          The Parent/Carer Forum is used as an advisory and consultative body only. Strategic decision-making rests with the Governing Body and the operational management with the Principal, Mr Nick Ward.
  •          The Parent/Carer Forum is not used for individual complaints and issues. Concerns or complaints involving individual children, families or teachers will not be discussed. Such concerns should be addressed through the established lines of communication.

Parental Forum meetings usually takes place on the first Thursday after each holiday. The next meeting is February 22nd 2018. Please contact Mr Huw Morgan, for more details.