It is an expectation that all children will attend the Primary Academy every day and on time. Accordingly, 100% Attendance will be recognised and rewarded.

Absence Due To Illness

If a child is ill and is not able to attend then parents/ carers must inform the MAP2 Attendance Officer as soon as possible, preferably by telephone on the same day. If MAP2 is not informed of a child’s absence then the parent/ carer will receive a telephone call from the Attendance Officer. A written note is required in order to record reasons for absence. MAP2 is then able to record a child’s absence as ‘authorised’. If MAP2 is not given a reason for absence then the absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’ and counts as truancy.

Persistent Absence

If a child is persistently absent without a valid reason this will be formally followed up by MAP2. Parents will be contacted and if necessary asked to attend a meeting with the Attendance Officer and/or a senior member of staff. Persistent lack of attendance will be followed up by MAP2’s attendance procedures, and in extreme cases legal action may be taken.

Special Circumstances For Absence During Term-Time

Holidays taken during term-time are actively discouraged by the DfE and schools are unable to condone absence due to family holidays. In exceptional circumstances the Principal can agree up to 10 school days for absence, which must include any religious observance days taken during term-time. Any request for special absence must be put in writing to the Principal. Any absence beyond an agreed time with MAP2 will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’ and will be reported and formally followed up.

Promoting good attendance by responding to and meeting the needs of the whole school community is central to the securing of good pupil outcomes.

For more information please see our Attendance Policy

Also, see our Guide to Exceptional Circumstances