Ofsted report

Marine Academy Nursery

Ofsted report March 2015

Summary of findings for parents:

  • Staff are caring and thoughtful. Consequently, older children show a genuine kindness towards each other.
  • Staff know children well and respond promptly to their individual needs. As a result, babies are happy, content and feel secure.
  • Staff promote independence well, which effectively promotes children’s personal, social and emotional development.
  • Staff provide activities that engage children’s interest and promote their development. They take note of children’s new achievements to help plan for their next steps in learning.
  • The provider uses effective staff supervision procedures that support staff to develop their teaching skills further and promote children’s learning and development. For example, following training, staff introduced ‘what is it’ sheets to promote children’s thinking. This helps them to encourage children to share objects at group time, ask questions, share ideas and make suggestions.
  • Good self-evaluation and staff training help the nursery to make continuous improvements that benefit children.