Marine Academy Plymouth MAP is committed to the environment.

The commitment to a ‘Marine’ ethos and ‘environment’ in the Academy enables us to fulfil ‘higher end’ educational goals. Marine Science is so new that much of the knowledge remains to be discovered, unlike the physical sciences generally; it is therefore an ideal focus for our specialism. We can truly pioneer approaches that involve students and teachers in the ‘co-creation’ of knowledge, and which involve genuine ‘discovery’ learning for both groups that influence the future of our environment.

Together we are creating a genuinely transformative educational experience which we are confident will have major national and international influence, both educationally and more generally in terms of the growing need for effective environmental solutions to the international environmental crisis of our times.

At the national/international levels we intend to have a major impact upon the entire national and international educational community, in two ways principally:

  1. In trying to ensure that a rational/empirical approach is developed to environmental issues more. Such an approach ensures society is motivated to act in its own best interests through modelling this with students;
  2. In guaranteeing that the increased concern to use education to transmit values to young people pays proper attention to environmental and marine concerns and their related value positions.

Marine Academy Plymouth in conjunction with its sponsors and partners, is developing develop curriculum offerings (like GCSEs in Marine Studies) that would help in these tasks directly. Marine Academy Plymouth will continue to work with the local community and together identify adult learner needs and offer appropriate courses, with the aim of creating age-less opportunities for accessing marine sciences, technologies and creative media. The aim will be to develop and verify a design which could be re-produced in other marine/coastal areas; a chain style architecture.

At the local level we are developing a strong environmental policy and approach. It is our intention that:

  • The new buildings will be designed to minimise the Academy’s carbon footprint through green and renewable energy sources
  • We will move to source paper based materials from recycled sources and we will source products and services that minimise the environmental impact of production, distribution and subsequent waste management.
  • We will actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our students their families and the community as well as our suppliers.
  • We will meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to an Academy.