The Sponsors

MAP, not the usual kind of Academy

Our vision is clear. The Marine Academy Plymouth (MAP) will dramatically transform educational provision for northwest Plymouth. Additionally it will enhance the whole cityʼs current educational offer. We are determined to develop a world-class education facility, which will raise standards of educational achievement and widen participation levels in the city, through using the Environment and Marine Environment as curriculum offerings, a motivator and a vehicle for economic transformation. We are delighted you are interested in finding out more about the Marine Academy Plymouth (MAP). We have high expectations for this Academy and for our journey towards an exciting new time in education for the city of Plymouth involving the new school, business and commerce, and wider community. This is about developing a different vision of education. We are committed to helping to transform lives in the area of northwest Plymouth and to the environment.

About the Sponsors

Both Plymouth University and Cornwall College have excellent reputations in education and training, and they have worked together for a number of years. They both have strong links with industry. Plymouth University has first-class facilities and internationally-acclaimed academics, and Marine Academy students will be able to draw on their expertise. Cornwall College is one of the largest Colleges in the UK, a high performing College with specialist facilities and a national reputation for quality and innovation. The College has a campus just across the water in Saltash. Plymouth City Council is a Co- Sponsor and shares the vision for Marine Academy Plymouth (MAP) to become a part of the ʻcitywide learning campus.ʼ The Council will enable the cityʼs economic ambitions to be met, helping to create a lasting impact for generations to come through education and training. There will be a personal investment in education and a commitment to support the community to increase aspirations and self- confidence for generations to come.

What the Sponsors bring to MAP

Plymouth University (Lead Sponsor)

Plymouth University - the enterprise university will bring international experience, world-leading ideas, thinking and action to Marine Academy Plymouth (MAP), it is especially renowned for its Maritime Science Departments. The University will be the education and training champion for Plymouth marine and maritime industries and will work to secure a coherent approach to progression from pre-school to post Academy that will provide a foundation for a sustainable community-based answer to countering deprivation and guaranteeing social inclusion. Specifically, the Universityʼs Faculty of Education will dovetail its interests with the Academy, ensuring that there are close links through offering the schoolʼs staff Continuous Professional Development (CPD), higher degrees and roles in University course delivery. The Faculty will also have a physical presence in the Academy, to encourage research and development by staff. The Universityʼs aim is the co- creation, with the new Academy, of a true learning community across students, parents, Academy and University staff.

Cornwall College (Sponsor)

Cornwall College will provide, through its centres of vocational excellence, new technology and business links, a skills rich portfolio of expertise. Its outward looking orientation and links with the organisations such as the Eden Project, National Maritime Museum and various business partnerships and enterprise education initiatives, together with a campus at Saltash allow it to make a significant contribution in terms of aspiration raising, skills provision and enhanced learning opportunities that will impact positively on the community the Marine Academy Plymouth (MAP) seeks to serve. The College also has the nationally acclaimed Falmouth Marine School as part of its portfolio of campuses. To find out more about Cornwall College's excellent Marine School in Falmouth, visit its website.

Plymouth Local Authority (Sponsor)

Plymouth Local Authority brings a strong culture of collaboration and a shared vision for Plymouth as an ʻinclusive citywide learning campusʼ. Creating and maintaining a collective responsibility for all learners, championing the student and parent voice and providing high quality personalised learning environments are recognised and developing strengths for the Council. The opportunities that will be created at this Academy will further enrich the specialist provision available to all learners in Plymouth. Plymouth Local Authority relishes the opportunities for greater innovation so that the cityʼs economic ambitions can be matched and driven to new heights through the raised aspirations of the Marine Academyʻs graduates. Further details of Plymouth City Councilʼs position regarding the proposed Marine Academy Plymouth (MAP) can be found in their Positioning Statement.