Emergency Procedures

Information for Parents

In the event that the Academy is forced to close due to an emergency (such as severe weather) the following procedures will apply:

  • MAP will put information regarding the closure on to the academy website as soon as possible and will use our social media outlets to send out the same information.
  •  This information will be up-dated at regular intervals throughout the period of closure. Where possible communication via e-mail will also be used.
  • Up to date information will be broadcast on the following local radio stations: BBC Radio Devon; Heart.
  • Students will not be sent home to an empty house unless previously agreed. Parental permission to allow a student to return home or to go home with a friend or neighbour must be gained before a student leaves the premises.
  • Students will be allowed to use mobile phones to contact parents/carers to make necessary arrangements
  • Students who travel by bus or taxi will be sent home as transport becomes available
  • Students who walk home will be authorised to do so where parental permission has been gained
  • A member of staff will wait at the academy until all students have been collected.
  • Parent Call will also be used (the text messaging service) so, please ensure we have your up-to-date contact numbers.

In the event that the academy is closed before the start of the day, a member of staff will be present to meet students who were not aware of the closure. Necessary arrangements will then be made to enable these children to return home safely.

The well-being of our students is paramount. Our priority will be to ensure that all students are kept safe and any decision taken will reflect this.